Products & Services

Utility Locating

We provide private utility locating from residential, too commercial clients. We are able to locate a wide range of facilities on site to ensure a safe work place. Whether you are building a new deck in the back yard or a new warehouse for your growing business. The Utility Locators can find the lines before you do!

Empty Conduits

Often empty conduits present as a frustrating obstacle, we have a solution. Using our special SONDE transmitter and fibre glass reel, we can now locate an empty conduit! Pushing the transmitter through the conduit we can accurately detect its location.


Ground penetrating radar is a powerful tool we can utilize for those unique projects. As the world is ever changing to a PVC based pipping, it can be harder to locate these deeper utilities. The GPR is used to find these PVC lines at various depths and sizes.

Subsurface Utility Survey

Our team is excited to present this new division of Subsurface Utility Surveying to our clients. With this new method of utility data capturing, we are now able to update GIS mapping and CAD file software with survey accurate precision. This service is another way The Utility Locators is reducing our carbon footprint.

High Frequency

With our new locating equipment, we are able to use a variety of frequencies that allow us to utilize the full potential of our locators. Lower frequencies are used to push signals down long lengths of conductors. Now in addition, we use High Frequency locators as well. This allows us to sweep vast areas at once, potentially reducing overall time and cost for projects.

What We Do For You

The Utility Locators provide locating services for all commercial and residential utilities, underground or in-building facilities, borehole clearances, land reclamation projects, and surveys.

Listed below are some of the utilities or facilities that can be located:

  • Unknown utilities and stubs
  • Electrical power lines, parking lights, vehicle plug-ins, ground wires
  • Natural gas lines, propane gas lines, petroleum, water and air pipelines
  • Communication cables, telephone, CATV, satellite
  • Fiber optic cables
  • In-floor or in-concrete services
  • Water valves
  • Storm drains and pipes
  • Irrigation lines and control wires
  • Underground storage facilities, pipelines and product lines
  • Buried or damaged monitoring wells

Please request an appointment with a locator or for more information.